We offer a wide range of comprehensive geospatial services, to both government and private sector clients. Our expertise in the conceptualization, design and development of robust, scalable and customized geospatial solutions provides us with a set of unique strengths for executing projects in various engineering verticals.
We provide services in Data Development, Digital Mapping Services, Survey, Software Development and Web-GIS, with the necessary tools to increase overall productivity and efficiency in maintenance and workflows.


Interpretation of Satellite Imagery
Creation of Base Maps
Integration of GIS and MIS Data
Development of Web-GIS Applications
Customization of GIS Applications
Development of Decision Support Systems
Digital Photogrammetry
Network Models, Digital Cost Models, TIN and GRID Analysis

Canal Distributary through Surface Hydrology Modeling
Volume, Cut and Fill Analysis Using Terrain Modeling

Base and Land Use Maps
Urban e-Governance, MIS and GIS Integration

Infrastructure/AM/FM/Environmental Engineering
Utilities Mapping, Modeling and Designing
Environmental Baseline Maps and Water Safety Plans
GIS-based Asset Management and Maintenance
Air, Noise and Water Pollution Modeling

Cadastral Mapping Land Records
Change Detection and Land Use Analysis