Organization Structure

Hexa International Pvt. Ltd.

Hexa International Executive Board

The Executive Board comprising of the Chairman/CEO governs and leads the organization in general. They Develops and proposes the strategies and policies for the company to achieve the targeted goal. They mainly focus on envisioning the future of the company and directions. They ensure that the strategies and policies agreed by the Board are effectively implemented by the management.


This department is responsible for setting sales goals and achieving the target sales of the organization. It includes the planning, implementation, and control of sales programs, as well as recruiting, training, motivating, and evaluating members of the sales force. The task of this department is planning, budgeting, and organizing a program to achieve the goals. Beside, this department is also responsible for controlling and evaluating the results. Even when a sales force is already in place, the sales manager will likely view these responsibilities as an ongoing process necessary to adapt to both internal and external changes.

This department is responsible for the company to play a leading role in managing both projects and personnel. This department governs mainly admin, finance and human resources. Operations department functions differ depending upon the purpose of the organization. This department plays an important role in organizing educational assignments for personnel, interpreting financial data, supervising expense reports, and reevaluating budgetary information. This department determines the needs, hiring employee and planning staff development. This department plays an important role in controlling the core functions of the company.


Our Production team brings inspirational minds together. These experts are dedicated to building software and hardware products that inspire to the customers. We know market trends and constantly talk to our customers. We believe in true end-to-end ownership and self-contained teams to guide new ideas from concept to product release. We code, deploy, and maintain our products at the high level in order to continually push technological boundaries. Design is key in everything we build. Our research dives deep, our work is tested rigorously, and we release in short cycles. We’re passionate about improving our products and ourselves so that we can open new creative horizons to our users.

This team consists of Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Software Analyst, Team Leaders, Software Developers, Software Engineers, QA personnel and Technical Trainer. This team works closely with the Sales team in developing applications that has high demand in the market.